About Us

As a part of Hong Kong

Mask Library was established in February 2020. With the purpose of providing well protected and anti-epidemic products to Hong Kong citizens, we sourced the best material from over the world, design and produce high-quality products, and contribute to society.

Mask Library currently focuses on face mask production. With years of experience in product design, quality management, and production process, we have encountered Innotec, the largest melt spray cloth supplier in Europe, to underwrite a cooperation agreement. In addition, our masks have met a number of different standards, the protective/ performance requirements on medical face masks. It secures to wear the masks manufactured by Mask Library with peace of mind.

In the fast-growing of production, we expanded mask production lately in Hong Kong. Now the full range of mask products are made in Hong Kong. Currently, we sell adult masks (175mm length), ladies/ kids masks (145mm length), and toddler masks (125mm length). These masks meet the standard of ASTM Level 3 (high barrier medical face mask testing standard). The new factory has expanded a lot of storage for materials and goods. We will do our best to produce high-quality and efficient anti-epidemic face masks. Thank you for the support. Let us work together to create a brand “made in Hong Kong”. Mark Library rises and shines!


Being responsible | Social responsibility

Many neglected groups in Hong Kong, especially the disadvantaged groups/ social vulnerable groups, such as disabilities and low-income people. They are panic buying protective products during the epidemic. Faced with a considerable degree of difficulty, Mask Library has different assistance in this regard.