Adult Face Mask (175mm)

Mask Library uses high-quality German imported melt blown nonwoven fabric, and uses high-comfort absorbent materials. The face mask has reached Delta P Level 2 (the performance of the breathability of mask), it allows a better air flow balance while face masking. And also, it passes several different standards of face mask tests; including ASTM F2100, EN14683 Type IIR, EB ISO 13485 andISO 14644-1 Class 8. It is suitable for wearing on any occasion, especially workout and exercises in a crowded public place. Mask Library realizes the balance between virus-free and social gathering. It is equally important to breathe underneath the mask while being protected away from the virus. There is no need to use other relatively cramped sport masks. 

In addition, those who wear glasses with prescription or sunglasses, usually experience fogging generated on the lens. It brings inconvenience for mask wearing. Due to the high air permeability, it is not easy to generate fog with our masks.

The high air permeability the mask has, the slower reduction of the oxygen content is. It's better equipped for outdoor activities. Rest assured you would achieve a better exercise state. 


The Differential Pressure (DP) is a test that measures how easily air is passed from one side of the mask to the other. This indicates how easily the mask-wearing person can breathe through the mask. The masks available on the market are considered as warm to very hot. But the mask from Mask Library is scored as cool as a breathable mask.


The glasses are one the closest of the air outlets when the warm and humid air exhales from our body. This leads to fog up on the lens of the glasses. With the high permeability, our mask can keep clear glasses (no fogging). It is comfortable to wear the face mask especially under warm and humid weather.


Ear irritation is easy to occur when the ear straps are too loose, too light or the hard made material. Mask Library selected the best elastic loop, the uncomfortable feeling behind the ears will be belted out. It is not only to keep your mask securely in place, but also it adapts to wear the masks all day.




Bacteria:  BFE >= 98%
Particle:   PFE >= 98%
Virus:       VFE >= 98%
Breathability Test:  Delta P Level 2
ASTM F2100 Level 1, 2, 3

EN14683 Type IIR
EN ISO 13485
ISO 14644-1 Class 8
EU GMP & PIC/S PE 010-3 Grade D