Fundraising Flag Day

Wai Ji Christian Service Flag Day

Mask Library is very pleased to participate in Wai Ji Christian Service Fundraising Flag Day sponsorship of masks worn by volunteer team. On the mask are two character representatives, Little Genie Disabie 迪茜比 and her buddy Ah Fui 阿灰. You can learn more about the scope of Wai Ji Service from their stories. Let's support the two character representatives and support the Wai Ji Christian Service team!


Little Genie Disabie 迪茜比
(the name comes from the pronunciation of “Persons with Disabilities”)
She is straightforward and simple. She carries the looks that she is a little confused. One has to talk to her slowly and concisely. She likes to make friends very much and loves to hold hands with others. She wears a smile on her face every day. At a glance, one may think that she does not have character. However, it is only that she is optimistic and easy to satisfy.

Ah Fui 阿灰
He is a clever but unhappy genie. He does not like to get in touch with others. He just likes to immerse himself in reading comics and playing computer games. Stubborn and distrusting to everybody, he made good friends with Disabie after she rescued him in a critical situation.


Wai Ji Christian Service is a social service agency subvented by the Hong Kong Social Welfare Department. By Jesus Christ's love, we provide a wide range of services to people with intellectual or other kinds of disabilities so as to take care of their needs in a holistic way and enable them to develop their potentials and make contributions to the society.

Wai Ji Christian Service was set up by Kowloon Union Church in 1979. The organization strives for excellence and creativity in serving people with intellectual and other disabilities, promoting their well-being and advocating their social inclusion.

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