Lady/Kid Mask (145mm)

Due to the Covid epidemic, it is often necessary to wear masks in daily living. ladies and kids have naturally delicate skin. After a long time covering their face with the face mask, the flawless skin health deteriorates from lack of fresh air. The face mask by Mask Library always delivers high air permeability and great protective fabric. It allows the skin to breathe freely under the face mask. It gradually reduces the chance of skin irritation including dry and humid moistened when covering the face.

It is not easy to find breathable masks in the market, as high as Delta P Level 2 (the performance of the breathability of mask test). People with sensitive skin conditions, and delicate children. When there is insufficient air circulation from long mask-wearing periods, the skin condition will turn worse. It is important to look for a comfortable-fit and protective face mask.

A snug, comfortable fit reduces skin problems, if the mask feels too tight or slides around your face, it can easily irritate our skin.  Wearing a mask that offers a snug but comfortable fit helps to protect the wearer from Covid. That is, the mask is a snug fit across the nose, on the sides, and under the chin.



Bacteria:  BFE >= 98%
Particle:   PFE >= 98%
Virus:       VFE >= 98%
Breathability Test:  Delta P Level 2
ASTM F2100 Level 1, 2, 3

EN14683 Type IIR
EN ISO 13485
ISO 14644-1 Class 8
EU GMP & PIC/S PE 010-3 Grade D