The birth of a deaf inclusive mask factory

In the beginning of the pandemic, Hong Kong people had been struggling with searching masks desperately. We soon realized that it was more difficult for the underprivileged to look for masks, it led us to dream of producing masks locally for supporting Hong Kong people. Although we have limited experience in this area as being a technology company, we just grasped the opportunities of getting the machinery timely to set up the factory from scratch. Utilizing our past experience in research and development of technology products and with our good relationships with business partners that we have built up, we then invite the deaf to join us wondrously. The first mask factory, Mask Library, was established in Hong Kong in early 2020.


We came across countless ups-and-downs in past two years. From the initial stage of unexpected robbery of our purchased machinery, melt-blown material being boosted up to high market price after arrival of machines, working days and nights to fulfil the serious shortage in market; to the stage that oversupply started to appear, other key manufacturers were shutting down one after the other. We once also thought of giving up, but we knew the needs from many communities and charitable parties, there are so many like-minded people who are willing to walk together that it encourages us to persevere and run the factory till this day. That’s why we wish to share their stories in regular bases, so that more people can get to know these organisations and the people behind them – Shining the spirit of Hong Kong continuously, keeping each other as caring company lovingly.